"Following a visit from a SMID consultant I knew that this report was the missing piece in our data jigsaw."
Broadoaks Sports College
"OFSTED was able to comment upon our outstanding leadership - SMID was an integral to this."
Calday Grange Grammar School
"At subject level areas of underperformance are crystal clear for each student and each class in each subject."


By using SMID, you can guarantee that every teacher is informing their classroom practice using the right kind of data. More importantly, they can effectively evaluate the impact of strategies they may have tried and respond accordingly.

"Present data appropriately
and pupil performance will improve"

The SMID Report presents data in a "friendly" format so that all teachers use it to support pupils!


Provide each member of staff with a simple A4 sheet which includes all the data they need to adequately support each pupil they teach.


Use the SMID Dashboard to drill down through the layers of data providing insights into performance and progress at all levels within a school.

Seating Plan

Use the most up to date data to create seating plans that support teaching and learning on a day to day basis. These data rich seating plans allow teachers to plan their lessons for maximum impact.

SMID Wheel

SMID Wheel is an interactive chart that makes it really easy to drill down through the data from a whole school level to a single pupil.

Dashboard and Report

Schools that join the SMID network will receive a dashboard and report for every data capture.


Being proactive

As a senior or curriculum leader use the dashboard to identify pupils who need support. The flight path will let you know immediately if a pupil / subject / group is below national average at any point during their time at school.

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Provide the Data

We firmly believe that teachers should not have to spend time analysing data. The SMID Report provides each teacher with a mini report per class, clearly indicating the pupils who need support. Amongst other resources curriculum leaders are provided with a summary of students in their subject who require intervention.

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Support pupils effectively

Give teachers the data they need to support pupil progress.


Perfectly designed

The dashboard is extremely clear and easy to use! With just one click it's possible to look at a subject/pupil/group of students or switch from a single data capture to progress over time. Our schools find that this ability to find out quickly where support is needed makes an incredible difference to pupil progress.

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Now & Progress

Switch between a single data capture and the progress made over time with just one click.

Year Group - Student

Within SMID6 it is possible to evaluate progress at many levels. Change from looking at a whole year group to a subject or a student or even a specific group of students with real ease.

Evaluate Impact

Within 10 minutes of a data capture being loaded the dashboard will be live. This allows teachers to immediately review the strategies they have in place and to evaluate if they are having enough impact.

Level 3 Value Added

Using the latest L3VA co-efficients to support progress within sixth form.


Stay up to date

We use the most up-to-date co-efficients available to calculate the L3VA scores for each pupil. This provides teachers with a clear picture of the progress being made whilst giving senior leaders an accurate overview of school performance.

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Identify underperformance early

Staff can use either the dashboard or the report to identify pupils who are not making adequate progress. Middle leaders are able to see both an overview of their subject and access data easily on a student level. SLT can drill down through the data from a whole school level to individual students with just a few clicks.

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SMID Paths

We recommend using flight paths to evaluate impact!

PP VS Whole Year Group SMID Path

Key: ExpA8 ExpA8 +/- 5 ExpA8 +/- 10 Result PP


"The SMID Path completely revolutionises the way schools can evaluate impact. This flight path model determines the value of each intervention within school, at a year group/subject/class and pupil level. The example on the left compares all students in the year group to the pupil premium pupils within the year group. It doesn't take long to identify where the extra support sessions for PP pupils in Maths, English and Science began and these clearly had a significant impact. The increase of 11.0 A8 score between Data Capture 10 and 11 clearly demonstrates that the extra sessions were valuable and had a high level of impact."

Stephen Howse

Attainment 8 & Progress 8

Provide your staff with the support they need to improve A8 and P8 scores.

Headline Measures

Attainment 8, Progress 8, EBacc...

Our dashboard provides easy access to headline measures, with the ability to drill down into groups, subjects and individual pupils. For example, if you were to introduce a new scheme to support disadvantaged boys you can, with just a few clicks, evaluate the impact this new scheme has had on both these students and the overall headline measures.


5-9 Maths and English

Immediately identify which pupils are achieving a C in Maths and not in English or vice versa. Our simple table allows for a quick and easy comparison to be made between Maths and English, enabling you to closely monitor those students not making a C in one or the other.



Easily view how much each pupil has progressed from one data capture to the next. This is where the SMID Dashboard comes into it's own, allowing you to identify the biggest changes both positively and negatively for groups/subjects/pupils and even the whole year group.


Flight Paths

The SMID Path has been developed by Stephen Howse. He states, "The SMID Path enables teachers to see the rate at which a student is progressing/regressing between data captures - enabling us to be proactive rather than reacting when it's potentially too late to impact on student outcomes."

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