At SMID, we're collaborating with ASCL and David Blow for the KS4 tables checking exercise - saving huge amounts of time. You can upload your tables checking file to access our cutting edge tools for FREE.

Our collaboration with ASCL brings to life the fantastic ideas of David Blow. Together with Duncan Baldwin (ASCL), Stephen Howse and the team at SMID have developed a number of brilliant tools to compliment these ideas. The project aims to provide schools with an opportunity to analyse final results data like never before - for free.

Why get involved?

The benefits of getting involved in the project are huge.

As we all know, the process of verifying the tables checking document can be an extremely onerous and time consuming task. Our tool automates this process, assuring accuracy and saving schools vast amounts of time.

The project aims to provide schools with subject level value added scores; this becomes viable when a large number of schools are involved. These kind of figures have never been produced before, so you will be involved in ground-breaking activity. Once your data file has been uploaded you will be given the option to allow our analysis team to access your results completely anonymously. This will then give our team the opportunity to construct large sample size subject level figures. How will the data be used?

You will have the potential to compare yourself with schools of a similar demographic and profile. SMID has always been about collaboration between teachers, we're now enabling all schools to do this at a school to school level. This project is about allowing schools to work together to create data resources that are genuinely useful to schools such as subject level value added.

You will have access to a set of interactive tools like no other system.

Crucially, access to all of this system is free for your 2018 results.

Difficulty Level 0

This process could not be easier - after registering you simply upload one file that can be exported from the tables checking online system (DfE Issued).


Once the file is uploaded all the tools available on the dashboard are created immediately. Here is an overview of the main features.
Tables Checking Support
This is a fantastic tool that will immediately provide a detailed summary of student groups, subjects, grade breakdowns and other information. This will make the whole checking process much quicker.
Interactive Progress and Attainment Scatter charts
Each Progress 8 / Attainment 8 bucket has its own scatter chart (based on the work of David Blow) comparing your data to the national average. These charts are interactive - by clicking on any data point you will be provided with full student profiles.
Transition Matrices by Subject
For each subject a transition matrix will be created which allows your results to be compared to the national average. This in-depth analysis provides you with the opportunity to easily identify if your school has certain areas that perform above/below the national average.

Also available are the snake charts and the stacked bar charts that allow you to easily compare your schools results to national measures.

SMID Wheel
Drill down through layers of data with speed and ease, identifying underperformance in particular areas.
Digital Signature
This new tool provides a heat map of your school's performance, highlighting key talking points in an innovative way. This format enables the viewer to look at a large amount of data concisely and with great clarity.

PDF Reports
Export any of the tools and page views to PDF.


SMID Wheel - Investigate


Scatter - Distribution


Subject Level - Transition Matrices

CEO Stephen Howse outlines the vision for SMID in 2018 and beyond.

Hello and welcome!

At SMID our vision is simple - spending time on data is only worthwhile if we use it to genuinely improve teaching and learning. We've come a long way...

In 2018, clever use of data affords us tremendous opportunities to positively influence student outcomes. As ever, staff workload dictates that our approach to data is shaped with teacher well being in mind. Simplicity, efficacy and usability are our guiding principles. SMID has evolved to reflect the very best practice in education data; encouraging collaboration and sustainable teacher development. Our commitment to the schools we partner with ensures they enjoy data as a seamless process - a process delivering clarity and consistency.

Stephen Howse - CEO


English and Welsh Schools

SMID covers key measures in both England and Wales, with a real focus on all staff being able to use data to track the progress of all students. Below is a summary of some of the trackable measures/features available within SMID.


Progess 8
Attainment 8
Level 3 value added
Progress towards target
Transition Matrices
Personal Scoring Systems


Capped 9
L1/2 Threshold
L1/2 Inclusion
Progress towards target
Transition Matrices
Personal Scoring Systems

Once files are uploaded the SMID Tools will be at your fingertips and ready to use. These tools will provide a better understanding of pupils progression and encourage collaboration within and between schools.


The report feature allows teaching staff to see, at a glance, exactly where their pupils are in terms of current performance. Based on the most recent data capture, many teachers keep this to hand, informing day-to-day classroom practice.


SMID Wheel

Provides a fantastic means of ‘drilling down’ to find useful data when planning/discussing teaching and learning, SMID wheel is ideal when you require a little more depth than the report.



You can support staff by giving them the power to create data-rich seating plans in a couple of clicks. Customise and save your own plans or choose from alternatives such as Kagen grouping.


Progress to Target

Reach promptly to ‘in year’ data. Intervening and adapting teaching & learning via our progress to learning tool often has a telling positive impact.



Assure Consistency across departments in assessing behaviour and attitude to learning. This tool can encourage and facilitate teacher conversations around ‘what works’ with pupils.


Progress Section

This function promises early intervention with pupils where an issue may not have previously been ‘picked up’ until much later. Again, brilliant for encouraging dialogue between teacher and teachers/pupils...


Pupil Report

This tool will generate an individualised PDF report for each pupil. Really useful for feeding back to pupils/parents/carers.



Create whatever ‘Groups’ you focus on as a school. E.g., EAL, PP. Compare and contrast accordingly.


ASCL Toolkit

Our collaboration with ASCL brings to life the fantastic ideas of David Blow. Together with other great analysis tools, the project aims to provide schools with an opportunity to analyse final results data like never before - for free.



If you would like a demonstration, please fill out the contact form today.

A mixture of testimonials and case studies from our schools.

  • Lee Raftery

    Royal Liberty School
    It is an exceptionally valuable piece of software. I wish I had discovered it earlier. The system allows all staff to engage with the data and to identify key students for intervention. The support provided to assist with queries or any technical information is outstanding. All queries and suggestions have been dealt with immediately.
  • Ryan Hibbard

    St Bede's Catholic Academy
    Is excellent for exam results in the summer - saves hours of time. It’s ahead of the game when progress 8 calculations are changed.
  • Michael Scott

    West Kirby Grammar School
    SMID has been an invaluable resource to improve staff awareness of pupil groups and the progress that each group is making. We have rolled out the system across all year groups and teaching staff have enjoyed various levels of engagement; some rely on the SMID wheel to give them a quick update about the progress of their classes. Others delve deeper and enjoy seeing how and why scores have been generated. HoDs use the Data Dashboard to see how progress can be improved and HoYs relish the opportunity to view student performance across subjects.
  • Lynda Courts

    Woodrush High School
    Very good - everyone from SLT to teaching staff to head of year love it. The team have been happy to make amendments for me and are always very helpful when I phone up.
  • Shelley Price

    Wood Green Academy
    I always find the technical help which we receive to be excellent. If we have a problem then someone is always willing to help.
  • Lindsay Skinner

    Bridgwater College Academy
    We've found SMID really useful and the team very helpful. For us, what is key is that SMID has allowed both staff and students to fully engage with data in a meaningful way.
  • Sarah Brackenbury

    Royal Liberty School
    Excellent and very user friendly. I cannot speak more highly about the customer service, always so helpful and knowledge is second to none!
  • Sarah Bloomfield

    Boroughbridge High School
    SMID has been very useful in helping us track the progress of our KS5 students. The visuals make it very easy for our staff to see what is going on, from teaching staff to governors. We like the reports generated for each data collection, these are used with heads of department. SMID have always been very helpful and prompt with any queries.